What is Combination Switch for Car?

Combination switch is a multi-functional combination switch used to control lighting and light signal devices as well as some other accessories.
Positioned typically on the steering column, this multifunction switch lets the driver operate various devices such as the headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and cruise control, all without taking their hands off the wheel.At OURI company, we can provide these essential parts that are as adept and versatile as a world-class conductor. With over 7000 varieties of spare parts for trucks and buses, and about 5000 varieties for passenger cars, we’ve got the automotive melody covered!

Combination Switch

How does a Combination Switch Work?

1.Diagram of light control switch
Push the handle can change the light, Divided into three gears: low beam ,turn off,high beam

2. Diagram of switch of wiper and sprinkler
The washer is to spray water on the windshield, and the wiper is to wipe the windshield clean to ensure that the driver has a good forward vision.
Its end can be twisted around the axis of the handle to control its divided into three speed(see photo)

How to Installing Combination Switches in a Truck?

The combination switch can be installed on the steering column at the bottom easily , does not require complicated operations, which is convenient for using.Installing a combination switch in a truck may require a more robust and specialized toolset, but fear not! At OURI company, we’re more than ready to assist with our top-tier parts, tailored for European & American Trucks. Our 15 years of expertise echo through every product, ensuring a performance that resonates with quality and precision.

You can install combination switches in this way:

1. Safety Encore – Disconnect the Battery:
Our safety prelude remains unchanged; disconnect the negative battery terminal. Safety is the first note in every masterpiece.

2. Remove Steering Column Shroud:
Carefully unbolt or unclip the steering column shroud. Much like unveiling a grand piano, it must be done with poise and precision.

3. Disconnect Airbag Module (if applicable):
Should your truck feature an airbag, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. An expert conductor knows every instrument in his orchestra, and so must you.

4. Unbolt the Old Combination Switch:
With the deliberate grace of a cello’s bow, unbolt or unclip the existing combination switch. In trucks, this may require some specialized tools, due to the more robust design.

5. Remove and Replace:
Detach the old switch, paying attention to any connected wires, and replace it with the new one. Imagine you’re tuning the strings, ensuring each connection is pitch-perfect.

6. Reassemble with Artistic Flair:
Bolt the new combination switch into place and reassemble the steering column. Each piece must find its place in harmony, like musicians in their seats.

7. Reconnect the Battery and Airbag:
Reconnect the negative battery terminal and airbag module, if applicable. The crescendo approaches!

8. Test Your Masterpiece:

Ignite the engine and test all functions of the new switch. Each click and sweep should resonate like a finely tuned instrument.

Types of Combination Switch for Truck

The combination switch includes many varieties switch, such as ,power window switch ,wiper switch ,light switch ,turn signal switch ,warning lamp switch, parking switch, A/C switch, ignition switch etc . Combination switch until now more than 700 items fit for European heavy duty trucks.The applications of combination switch are for VOLVO FH16/FH13/FM ,MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS MP4/SPRITER, RENAULT,MAN TGA ,TGL,SCANIA 2/3/4 SERIES,IVECO EUROTECH EUROTRAKKER ,DAF 95XF etc.


To make sure the top performance of the switches, we use very high level raw material. All the products are with treatment of water-proof .OURI product advantages is high quality chip,high operation speed and stable operation,and high performance raw materials fatigue resistance pressure resistance, not easy to break.


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