Oil Cooler 1351348 SCANIA
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
OEM NO. 1351348
APPLICATION 94/114/124/P G R

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    Ouri OIL COOLER 1351348 SCANIA

    Harnessing the expertise fostered through years of specialization in European truck parts, Ouri has developed the Oil Cooler 1351348 to seamlessly integrate with Scania’s robust engines. Our R&D department, backed by 3 family-owned factories and over 300 allied manufacturers, ensures that every cooler not only meets but exceeds industry standards.
    At Ouri, we don’t just sell parts; we deliver confidence. Our professional quality control department implements rigorous testing protocols to guarantee that the Ouri Oil Cooler 1351348 operates flawlessly under all conditions, ensuring your Scania trucks maintain optimal temperature regulation for peak performance and longevity.
    Our enthusiastic service team is the cornerstone of our customer relationships. With over 15 years of growth and a consistent rank within the top 10 exporters in our city, we offer unparalleled support, from product inquiry to post-sale service, ensuring that the Ouri Oil Cooler 1351348 for Scania is not just a purchase but a profitable investment.

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