Ouri truck door handles

Among the cabin body parts of the heavy duty trucks,OURI COMPANY has various products related: Door Lock Latch Assy; Cylinder With Brass Key Set; Door Lock Assembly; Exterior Door Handles; Driver Cab Door Lock; Interior Window Lever; Door Handle Cap;etc.
Our major Door Handles are compatible with European Trucks:VOLVO TRUCK FH/FM/FMX/NH
; MERCEDES BENZ TRUCK Actros/Antos/Arocs/Axor/Atego/Econic;SCANIA TRUCK 2/3/4 Series,P/G/R/T Series;MAN TRUCK TGL/TGA/TGX/TGS;IVECO TRUCK EUROCARGOTECTOR/EUROSTAR/EUROTECH/EUROTRAKKER;DAF TRUCK F95/XF95/XF105/ F 65/75/85/ CF65;etc.And also for a part of American truck like INTERNATIONAL Navistar Truck.

Truck Door Handles

About truck door handles

The Truck Exterior Door Handle is a very important part for the Cab.Being an exterior part it can get oxidized by the element or get broken by the use frequency.So it’s necessary to replace the Semi-Truck Door Handles with a new and high quality one to make sure your trucks always look good.

What Makes a Truck Door Handle Stand Out?

In a world where every part counts, a truck door handle isn’t merely a piece of metal or plastic you yank to open a door. Nope, it’s the gateway to your vehicle’s sanctuary. And if you’re in the truck business, you know how crucial this unassuming component is. A durable handle means less time fussing over replacements and more time on the road. Custom door handles for trucks also offer an extra flair, keeping your fleet looking as sleek as it operates.

Types of Truck Door Handles

When it comes to variety, you’re not starved for options. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Pull Handles: Standard in many trucks, sturdy and easy to operate.
Lever Handles: A more luxurious option, often seen in high-end models.
Custom Door Handles for Trucks: For those who want their truck to stand out. Customization can range from material to design and even branding.

How to choose a reliable Custom Truck Door Handles supplier?

OURI COMPANY’s R&D Department develop the Truck Door Handles according to the original OEM parts.The premium quality raw material we use, aiming to guarantee the hand feeling and to guarantee the service life of our products.Moreover,most of the handles will be delivered with the keys correspondingly.
You can order the Door Handles in pairs,or only driving side assembly,or only passenger side assembly according to your custom requirement.We confirm the items by OEM reference numbers,it will help to match the application of models of the Heavy Duty or Semi Truck.
For any more question,we will always be online for your contacting.

Truck Door Handles

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