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Silicone Hose 1375718 SCANIA

Silicone Hose 1375718 SCANIA
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
OEM NO. 1375718
LENGTH 280mm

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    Ouri Silicone Hose 1375718 for Scania

    Exploring the 1375718 Silicone Hose

    Ouri proudly presents its high-grade silicone hose, specifically designed for Scania vehicles, identified by the OEM number 1375718. This product is a testament to Ouri’s commitment to excellence and innovation in automotive parts, crafted to meet the high standards of durability and performance required by heavy-duty applications.

    Product Insights

    The 1375718 silicone hose is engineered for resilience and flexibility, ensuring it stands up to the rigorous conditions of commercial vehicle operations. It is tailored to fit Scania models precisely, guaranteeing a smooth integration with the engine’s cooling system, without the need for any adjustments.

    Key Characteristics

    • High-Quality Material: Utilizes superior silicone for enhanced heat resistance and longevity, outperforming standard rubber hoses in both durability and performance.
    • Optimized Design: The hose is designed to ensure optimal coolant flow, contributing to the efficient management of engine temperatures and preventing overheating.
    • Exact Fitment: Manufactured to match Scania’s specifications, this hose ensures a perfect fit, eliminating concerns over compatibility and installation issues.
    • Enhanced Performance: By maintaining a consistent temperature and protecting against leaks, it helps in optimizing engine performance and fuel efficiency.


    Choosing the Ouri 1375718 silicone hose means investing in reliability and performance. It not only facilitates smoother engine operations but also contributes to the extension of the engine’s lifespan by ensuring effective heat management. Its robust construction reduces the likelihood of premature wear and tear, offering peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs over time.


    The Ouri 1375718 silicone hose for Scania is more than an automotive component; it is a critical investment in your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. Engineered with precision and made from the finest materials, it exemplifies Ouri’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for the automotive industry.

    Automotive professionals and vehicle owners alike can trust in Ouri’s innovative products to meet the demanding requirements of today’s commercial vehicles. With a focus on quality and performance, Ouri continues to lead the way in automotive parts solutions, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition.

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