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Fuel Lever Sensor 1785831 DAF

Fuel Lever Sensor 1785831 DAF
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
Brand DAF
OEM NO. 1785831
DESCRIPTION Fuel Lever Sensor

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    OURI 1785831 Fuel Level Sensor for DAF Trucks

    The OURI 1785831 Fuel Level Sensor, specifically tailored for DAF trucks, stands out in the market. The 1785831 model is a testament to OURI’s commitment to quality and precision in the auto parts industry.
    The OURI 1785831 Fuel Level Sensor is a crucial component for DAF trucks, enhancing fuel management and operational efficiency. The 1785831 model’s reliability and compatibility with DAF trucks make it an ideal choice for truck operators seeking quality and performance. OURI’s 1785831 sensor upholds the company’s reputation as a top-tier supplier in the automotive parts sector.

    Key Features of OURI 1785831:

    Optimized for DAF Trucks: The 1785831 is engineered to seamlessly integrate with DAF truck systems.
    High Accuracy: The 1785831 model delivers precise fuel level measurements, essential for efficient operation.
    Robust Design: OURI’s 1785831 sensor is built to endure the challenging conditions of commercial trucking.
    Easy to Install: The 1785831 model is user-friendly in installation, reducing downtime significantly.

    Benefits of the OURI 1785831 Sensor:

    Improved Fuel Tracking: The 1785831 provides reliable data for better fuel management in DAF trucks.
    Cost-Efficiency: Accurate readings from the 1785831 help in cutting down fuel wastage, thus saving costs.
    Theft Deterrence: The 1785831 aids in monitoring fuel levels, potentially preventing fuel theft.
    Maintenance Optimization: Regular data from the 1785831 can predict maintenance schedules, ensuring better vehicle care.

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