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Temperature Sensor 0041530328 MERCEDES BENZ

Temperature Sensor 0041530328 MERCEDES BENZ
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
OEM NO. "0041530328 0824111006 "
DESCRIPTION Temperature Sensor
APPLICATION "SK/MK/NG-Series Actros/ Antos/ Arocs/ Axor/ Atego/Econic O 500 / Setra S 400-/ S 500-Series O 300-/O 400- / Setra S 200-/S 300-Series"

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    Ouri Temperature Sensor 0041530328 for Mercedes Benz: In-Depth Details

    Presenting the Ouri temperature sensor, assigned OEM number 0041530328, specially designed for Mercedes Benz vehicles. This article outlines the sensor’s primary characteristics, technical specifications, and distinct functionalities.

    Product Introduction: The Ouri temperature sensor, recognized by the OEM code 0041530328, is crafted to integrate seamlessly with Mercedes Benz automotive systems. It plays a pivotal role in monitoring and managing engine temperatures, contributing to optimal vehicle performance.

    Principal Features:

    • Tailored Design: Specifically developed for Mercedes Benz models, ensuring perfect compatibility and efficiency.
    • High-Quality Materials: Manufactured with robust materials to endure extreme temperatures and provide reliable performance.
    • Enhanced Engine Management: Essential for accurate temperature readings, which help in efficient engine management and prevention of overheating.

    This detailed exposition highlights the Ouri temperature sensor 0041530328, emphasizing its critical role in the precise monitoring of engine temperatures and overall contribution to the health and efficiency of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

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