Belt Tensioner 51958007473 MAN
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
Brand MAN
OEM NO. 5195800 7473 5195800 7446 5195800 7460 5195800 7489
SIZE Outer Diameter [mm] 70 Inner Diameter [mm] 10 Width [mm] 42

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    About Ouri Belt Tensioner 51958007473 MAN

    Introducing the Ouri Belt Tensioner 51958007473, specially tailored for MAN vehicles. With the Ouri seal of approval, you’re getting more than just a product; you’re getting a guarantee of performance and durability. Manufactured to the highest standards at our cutting-edge facilities, this belt tensioner is the epitome of engineering precision. Designed for seamless compatibility with MAN vehicles, it ensures that your engines run smoother, longer, and more efficiently. If you’re tired of wrestling with subpar tensioners, this is your ticket to a hassle-free operational experience.

    SKU: 51958007473
    Designed For: A seamless integration with MAN’s robust range of vehicles, ensuring peak performance.

    Why Choose Ouri Belt Tensioner 51958007473 MAN?

    Vast Selection: With a repository of 5000+ parts for passenger vehicles and an impressive array of over 7000 for trucks and buses, OURI’s catalog is a testament to variety and specialization.
    Innovative Genesis: Our dedicated product development team stands at the vanguard of innovation, assuring the Belt Tensioner 51958007473 exceeds MAN’s specifications.
    Assured Quality: Quality is not just a metric but a mantra at OURI, with a vigilant quality control department that ensures every tensioner is a benchmark in itself.
    Client-Centric Service: Service is not just after the sale; it’s an end-to-end journey of customer delight that the OURI team pledges to provide.

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