Window Regulator 0008205008 Mercedes Benz
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
OEM NO. 0008205008 0008202908 R
DESCRIPTION Window lifter motor
APPLICATION Actros/Antos/Arocs/ Axor

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    Ouri Window Regulator 0008205008 for Mercedes-Benz

    Unveiling the 0008205008 Window Regulator

    In the realm of automotive excellence, Ouri introduces its superior window regulator, tailored for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and distinguished by the OEM number 0008205008. This component exemplifies Ouri’s dedication to innovation and quality, designed to elevate the functionality and convenience of vehicle windows.

    Core Details of the Product

    The 0008205008 window regulator stands as a pinnacle of precision engineering, crafted to enable smooth, effortless control over the vehicle’s windows. It aligns flawlessly with Mercedes-Benz specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance without the need for modifications.

    Principal Attributes

    • Sophisticated Design: Created with the modern vehicle in mind, it offers seamless operation, allowing drivers and passengers to adjust window positions with ease.
    • Robust Construction: Made from premium materials, it is resilient against wear and tear, promising long-term reliability and service.
    • Direct Fit: Engineered specifically for Mercedes-Benz models, this regulator ensures a direct replacement, matching OEM standards for a hassle-free installation.
    • Operational Excellence: It guarantees improved window movement efficiency, reducing strain on the motor and enhancing the overall user experience.


    Opting for the Ouri 0008205008 window regulator is a decision that brings multiple advantages. It not only restores the window’s operational integrity but also contributes to the vehicle’s aesthetic and value preservation. Its robust design minimizes the risk of malfunction, ensuring consistent performance and peace of mind for vehicle owners.


    The Ouri 0008205008 window regulator for Mercedes-Benz is more than a mere automotive part; it is a reflection of Ouri’s relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to quality. Designed to integrate seamlessly with specific vehicle models, it underscores the importance of choosing OEM-standard components for maintenance and repairs.

    For the automotive industry professionals, leveraging high-quality parts such as the 0008205008 window regulator is pivotal in delivering exceptional service and maintaining the trust of vehicle owners. Ouri remains at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that cater to the intricate needs of modern vehicles.

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