Door Lock Handle 1305481 DAF
Category Suitable for European Truck & Bus
Brand DAF
OEM NO. 1305481 L/1305482 R
APPLICATION F 95, 95 XF, XF 95/105

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    Ouri DOOR LOCK HANDLE 1305481 DAF

    The Ouri DOOR LOCK HANDLE 1305481 is crafted with precision, ensuring it fits seamlessly with DAF trucks, known for their reliability and performance. This product is a testament to OURI’s commitment to quality, borne from a rich history that began in 2006. Initially focusing on spare parts for passenger cars, OURI has expanded its expertise to include European truck components, solidifying its position in the market.

    What sets the 1305481 apart is its engineering. Developed in collaboration with our family-run factories and an extensive network of over 300 cooperated factories, this door lock handle is the epitome of durability and functionality. Our product development department, armed with professional skills and an innovative spirit, ensures that every 1305481 handle meets the rigorous demands of the road.

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