What is a blower motor in a truck?

The Blower Motor is an important part of the A/C – Air conditioning System.

It’s a device that can increase and improve the airflow A/C system and heating system,thus to improve comfort during driving.

How does a truck blower work?

A truck blower motor moves the fresh air from outside the cabin into the interior air conditioning system.After purified by the air filter ,the dust and pollutants get removed.Then the air will be delivered to the truck cabin after cooled down or heated .

The fan control switch and blower motor relay can control the rotation speed of the impeller,to fulfill the demand of the driver and passenger.

Types of truck blower motors?

The traditional type of blower motor is with carbon brush,and it’s still the widely using type.

The new technology is the brushless blower motor,which can have longer service life.

The customers can choose the type according to the different needs.

Some signs of failure of blower motors:

  1. strange noise
  2. no air from the vents
  3. weak air flow
  4. overheating

What blower motors does OURI have?

Currently we have AC Blower Motors compatible with European trucks:VOLVO,SCANIA,MERCEDES BENZ,DAF,IVECO,RENAULT,MAN etc;American truck&bus:Freightliner,VOLVO VNL,PREVOST BUS,KENWORTH,ect.

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